. . . leaving a legacy for generations


 Call Me No Hero, the memorial biography of Platoon Sergeant Ernest “Boots” Thomas, Jr., is now available for purchase! A quality hardcover fully documented and richly illustrated with period photographs and color illustrations, this book will capture the history of America's young World War II hero for generations to come.

"Boots Thomas is the epitome of a national hero."
— Lt. General Lawrence Snowden

"He was one of the few born leaders of men I have met."
— Col. Dave Severance, 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division



   Iwo Jima, March 26, 1945.   The battle is ended, the fighting done.   No longer do the screams of mortars or the crackling of machine-gun fire fill the air; no more does the ground reverberate with the concussion of bomb and shell as the weary marines press forward, ever fighting toward the next target.

  No.   The din of war has ceased.   The horror of battle has ended.   The black sands of Iwo are still covered, but not with soldiers, tanks, or guns.   The silent island is now blanketed with crosses.   White crosses—thousands upon thousands. Here they lie, these men—fathers, husbands, brothers, sons—each with a tale to tell, each with a story that has ended.   Indeed, they each have a tale, a history, a life to be remembered, but their voices have been silenced.   Their stories have been stilled by the solemn hand of death.

  They cannot tell their story.   Who shall tell it?   Who shall recount to the coming generations of sons and daughters the tales of these men?   Who shall declare to children and grandchildren the goodness of God and His mighty working and providence in the lives of their fathers and their fathers' fathers?

  Their stories must be told, but these men cannot tell it.   Their time has gone; the Lord has called them on.   The mantle has been passed to us.   Let us bear it well.   Let us not be remiss in chronicling their lives.   Let us keep their stories alive.   Let us remember, for the generations to come.